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Category: MWR Race Airfilters

MWR Race Airfilters: Unleash Unrivalled Race Performance

Welcome to the realm of MWR Race Airfilters – the result of real-world track development, fine-tuned with data loggers on high-performance motorcycles. Crafted for riders who demand nothing but the ultimate in performance, these airfilters redefine racing standards.

Track-Born Excellence

Unlike traditional dyno-based designs, our MWR Race Airfilters have been developed on the track, under real-world conditions. Equipped with data loggers, these airfilters are refined for optimum performance, delivering power gains that resonate on the racetrack.

Precision Performance, Unleashed

The MWR Race Airfilter features cutting-edge materials and design, ensuring peak performance for those crucial race moments. With protection levels on par with our superior filters, this option guarantees safeguarding, albeit for a shorter duration.

Total Airflow Dominance

One-of-a-kind among sports filters, the Race Airfilter ensures consistent airflow across all inlets, unfazed by speed, wind direction, or fairing turbulence. Bid farewell to the need for distinct fuel mappings; individual cylinder tuning creates the harmony of power and efficiency.

Stronger, Smoother, Superior

Experience enhanced power that’s balanced with smoothness, translating to longer-lasting tires and fuel efficiency. The MWR Race Airfilter stands as a testament to intelligent design that strengthens your ride in more ways than one.

Race with Confidence

While the Full Race Airfilter guarantees unmatched protection, it’s important to remember that its high-performance shield is designed for shorter durations. After each race weekend, inspect your filter and trust only MWR filter oil and cleaner for maintenance. Ensure your filter is optimally oiled before every race weekend.

Push the Limits

Revolutionise your racing experience with the MWR Race Airfilter. With unrivalled performance and protection, this airfilter ensures you’re always at the forefront of the race. Remap your ECU or install a Fuel Control Module for the ultimate advantage.

Choose Power, Choose Victory

Make a statement on the track with MWR Race Airfilters. Elevate your racing game with a filter that’s built for victory. Order now and experience the power that’s born on the racetrack.

Race to victory with MWR Race Airfilters – Where performance meets victory!