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Category: MWR High Efficiency Airfilters

MWR High Efficiency Airfilters: Unleash Power and Silence

Welcome to the realm of MWR High Efficiency Airfilters, the ultimate solution for road and race bikes that combines performance enhancement with innovative noise reduction technology. These airfilters are a true game-changer, offering a revolutionary approach to optimising your motorcycle’s performance while significantly reducing intake noise.

Silent Power, Unleashed

The High Efficient Airfilter is a breakthrough in air filtration technology. Designed to reduce intake noise without compromising power, it’s the perfect blend of innovation and performance. Experience the thrill of a quieter ride while revealing in the enhanced power delivery.

Unmatched Airflow Distribution

Unlike conventional sports filters, the MWR High Efficiency Airfilter ensures consistent airflow distribution to all inlets, regardless of your motorcycle’s speed or wind direction. Say goodbye to the need for different fuel mappings between internal and external or front and rear cylinders. Achieve optimal performance through individual cylinder tuning.

Easy Maintenance for Longevity

To keep your High Efficient Airfilter performing at its best, we recommend regular maintenance. Simply clean and re-oil it at least once a year using MWR airfilter oil and cleaner. This ensures longevity and continued exceptional performance.

Optimal Performance Enhancement

For the ultimate performance boost, we highly recommend remapping the ECU or installing a Fuel Control Module. These enhancements optimise your motorcycle’s performance, ensuring maximum power and efficiency.

Upgrade Your Ride Today

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your motorcycle’s performance while enjoying reduced intake noise. Upgrade to High Efficient Airfilters and experience the perfect balance of power and silence.

Experience the Future of Air Filtration

MWR High Efficient Airfilters are the future of air filtration technology. Transform your ride with a quieter, more powerful, and more efficient motorcycle. Order now and discover the difference in performance and silence that only High Efficient Airfilters can deliver.

Experience the future of air filtration with MWR High Efficiency Airfilters – Where power meets silence!