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Category: Strain Gauge GP Switch Quickshifter

Strain Gauge GP Switch Quickshifter 

• Senses both Push and Pull linkages

• Automatic set up, logic firmware asks the rider to perform an up shift after installation and the sensor will automatically learn and remember push or pull

• Only 14mm diameter

• Fully computerized, 25mhz processor

• Automatic compensation for temperature, creep and vibration

• Preload set up on digital miniature panel 1m from the Switch, adjustable 1-30kg

• Upgraded in 2012 to 1.2 version, adjustable between commonly open circuit and commonly closed circuit

• Sensor is available as spare in case of crash damage, plug in a new sensor and go

• Absolutely water proof with sealed connectors

• No movable parts

• Sensor has Magic Threads and can take both Right and Left hand bolts on each end; so the sensor can be installed anywhere on the shift rod, to face in either direction

• Super Durable billet made from stainless steel

• Billet made 230mm Shift rod incl. and nuts and studs

• Prototype tested continuously for 7 days, 603 000 upshifts with 45kg force. Equivalent of 12years racing use

Strain Gauge GP Switch Quickshifter HRC 600-Moto2-Moto3, HRC 1000, Dyna 2000/4000. Kill time adjustable, item 410. In addition to above:
Version 1.4. (1.4dot) all 1.4 versions and later units can be upgraded to 1.4dot. Dot denotes kill time adjustable. 

• Adjustable killtime, 10-99ms. Preset to 65ms at delivery.

• Plug and play with Honda HRC 2008 and newer, Honda Moto2 and Honda Moto3. For older HRC 600 and all HRC 1000 it can be hardwired to the pass light connector or horn button connector.

• Suitable for Dyna 2000/4000.

• Can be set to default and used with PQ8 or other ECUs with QS capability.

• Comes with Honda original connector.