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1 Ltr Biodegradable Airfilter Cleaner


SKU: MWR-004

To help protect your engine MWR has specifically made biodegradable air filter oil.

This MWR filter oil is made in Holland and is completely biodegradable, not only protecting the environment but also your engine either for heavy duty (off road) usage or for long term normal (road/race) usage.

This biodegradable filter oil is also completely fire proof.

MWR filter cleaner is completely biodegradable.

Clean and oil MWR air filter at least once a year, regardless of mileage. Only use MWR filter oil and cleaner to service MWR filters.

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Eco-Friendly Engine Protection with MWR Biodegradable Air Filter Oil and Cleaner

When it comes to safeguarding your engine and the environment, MWR has your back. Our specially crafted biodegradable air filter oil is designed to deliver top-notch protection while minimising your ecological footprint. Made in Holland to exacting standards, this filter oil is not only environmentally responsible but also a boon for your engine, whether you’re into heavy-duty off-roading or long-term road and race adventures.

Environmentally Responsible

Our air filter oil is more than just a lubricant; it’s a commitment to protecting our planet. As it breaks down naturally, it leaves behind no harmful residues, ensuring that your motorcycle’s maintenance doesn’t harm the environment.

Fireproof Peace of Mind

Safety matters, and our filter oil doesn’t cut corners. It’s completely fireproof, providing an additional layer of protection for your engine. You can ride with confidence, knowing that your engine and the environment are in safe hands.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solution

Pair your MWR air filter oil with our biodegradable filter cleaner. This dynamic duo ensures that your air filter remains in peak condition. With both products being environmentally responsible, you’re not just protecting your engine; you’re preserving nature’s beauty as well.

Yearly Maintenance Routine

Make it a yearly ritual: clean and oil your MWR air filter, regardless of your mileage. This proactive approach ensures that your engine receives the care it deserves. But remember, only use MWR filter oil and cleaner to service MWR filters. It’s a combination that guarantees performance and environmental responsibility.

Upgrade Your Engine Protection, Upgrade the Planet

With MWR’s biodegradable air filter oil and cleaner, you’re not just enhancing your engine’s longevity; you’re also contributing to a cleaner, greener world. Make the eco-conscious choice without compromising on performance.

Order Now for Eco-Friendly Engine Care

Join the movement toward eco-friendly engine protection with MWR’s filter oil and cleaner. It’s more than maintenance; it’s a responsibility to our planet and your motorcycle’s well-being.

Protect your engine, protect the planet with MWR Biodegradable Air Filter Oil and Cleaner – Where eco-friendliness meets engine performance.


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