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Air Funnel MV-Agusta 675/800 F3 – set of 2 Pcs



MWR upgraded the F3 air funnels , now they have the same shape as the factory WSS600 bikes use in 2018



Upgrade Your Performance with MWR Air Funnel for MV Agusta 675/800 F3

Experience the power of championship-caliber engineering with the MWR Air Funnel, designed for the MV Agusta 675/800 F3. Straight from the World Supersport arena, this air funnel boasts an impressive track record with MV Agusta Reperato Corse, delivering outstanding results throughout the season.

Say Goodbye to Speed Obstruction
Bid farewell to speed limitations caused by standard air funnels. The OEM air funnels on your MV Agusta 675/800 F3 may be hindering your top speed due to their limited diameter and restricted air intake. Our solution? We’ve significantly enlarged the air intake openings, allowing for maximum airflow and eliminating performance barriers.

Unparalleled Upgrades for Superior Performance
MWR has taken the F3 air funnels to the next level. With a design inspired by the factory WSS600 bikes used in 2018, our upgraded air funnels offer superior benefits:

Amplified Size: Larger air funnels ensure optimised airflow, enabling your MV Agusta to perform at its peak potential.

Enhanced Lightweight Build: Our air funnels are not only bigger but also lighter, contributing to improved overall performance and agility.

Enhanced Flexibility: The increased flexibility of our air funnels guarantees smoother airflow dynamics, resulting in enhanced engine response.

Precise Fitment: We’ve perfected the fitment of our air funnels, ensuring a seamless integration with your MV Agusta 675/800 F3.

Effortless Maintenance and Versatility
Working on your bike’s front suspension is now a breeze. Our two-piece air funnel design allows you to access the front suspension without the need to remove the entire air funnel assembly. It’s a game-changer in terms of maintenance convenience.

Maximise Ram-Air Effect
For roadbike enthusiasts, achieving the maximum ram-air system effect is crucial. By removing the protective mesh in front of the air intakes, you’ll unlock the full potential of our air funnel, optimising the ram-air system’s performance.

Universal Compatibility, Custom Adaptability
Please note that while our ram-air ducts are universal, variations in aftermarket fairings can affect fitment. To achieve the best results, you may need to adapt either the fairing intake or the air ducts themselves. Our commitment to excellence extends to helping you optimise the fit for your specific setup.

Elevate your MV Agusta 675/800 F3’s performance today with MWR Air Funnel. Unleash the power of superior engineering, championship pedigree, and unwavering commitment to performance enhancement. Maximise your potential on the track and the road with MWR.

Upgrade your MV Agusta 675/800 F3’s performance with MWR Air Funnel – Unleash the power of engineering excellence!

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