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WMT22V2 REAR TWIN SHOCK with separate “piggy back” tank and compact hydraulic preload





Bitubo proposes its WMT22V2 shocks in “Dark Edition” version. The WMT22V2 shocks allow a remarkable overall improvement of the vehicle control thanks to the sophisticated setting-up with the many available adjustments and the possibility to obtain a specific adjustment of the shocks based on the rider’s weight and use.
Bitubo introduces an innovative spring preload adjustment system, equipping WMT couples with the compact hydraulic preload, which allows changing the spring preload without having to engage on rings adjustments. The spring adjustment is controlled by the hydraulic preload, which can be operated manually or with a common hexagonal key. It is possible to buy (optional) the compact knob in order to do all needed adjustments.
The shock body and the piston rod are manufactured with high resistance alloyed steel, while the springs are manufactured in Cr-Si alloyed steel and they are black in order to complete the dark look. Every shock has a separated aluminium compensation chamber, gas pressurized (Nitrogen), and CNC machined billet aluminium heads.
Available also the versions WMTA2V2, longer than original and with hydraulic spring adjustment, and WMT82V2, shorter than original and with hydraulic spring adjustment.
INCLUDED IN THE BOXMounting instructions for each application and suspension manual.


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